Research|Action Cooperative Launch!

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We are happy to announce the launch of Research|Action, our worker-owned cooperative of seasoned professionals who champion research and popular communication as vital and necessary to the project of social transformation.

Our goal is to help turn research into effective communication tools and action for our clients in community and labor organizations, and throughout the solidarity economy. Using surveys, government data, interviews, and strategic research sources, we highly value what both quantitative and qualitative research can teach us.

Among our staff’s previous research projects:

We have years of organizing, research, policy analysis and communications experience, all aimed at helping labor and social justice organizations build a sustainable and just world. We pride ourselves on our ability to bridge research and action by presenting our findings in clear, everyday language so it is more easily acted upon.

We invite you to visit the Research|Action website to learn more about what we can do together. Or connect for a conversation by email or phone at, 313-327-2192.  We can be found on Facebook and Twitter as well.

We look forward to working with you!

In Solidarity,

Kate Diedrick, MA,

Eric Dirnbach, Ph.D,

Biko Koenig, MA,

Abby Scher, Ph.D,