Research|Action Supports the Solidarity Economy

The solidarity economy can be considered all the alternative entities that operate in the economy based on principles other than capitalist ownership and market competition.  Examples include food cooperatives which are owned by the members who shop there and housing cooperatives which are owned and managed by the residents instead of a landlord. Also included are worker-owned cooperatives, of which there are nearly 200 in the United States. Who needs a boss anyway?

Research|Action operates as a cooperative and we want to support other cooperatives and the solidarity economy in general.  So when we decided recently to get our first business cards, we went to Collective Copies of Amherst MA. In business since 1983, not only is it a cooperative but it’s also affiliated with the United Electrical workers union and is an example of a union cooperative, a collaboration we have worked to promote.

We encourage everyone to check out Collective Copies and all other cooperatives so that we can grow the solidarity economy!

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