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From Herndon Homes to Two Georgia Domes

Welcome to From Herndon Homes to Two Georgia Domes, a digital history exhibit. This exhibit is part of an ongoing collaboration between students and faculty at the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Historic Westside Cultural Arts Council (HWCAC), a grassroots arts and culture organization working on arts and culture initiatives that help to empower Westside residents.

The exhibit focuses on two of Atlanta’s Westside neighborhoods, English Avenue and Vine City, over a hundred year period, with special attention paid to the last twenty-five years (from the early 1990’s to 2016).

The material featured includes new oral history interviews (conducted between January-August, 2015), recent and historical media, and other archival items.

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System change and community organizing: A conversation on the long arc of history with “Mother” Mamie Moore

We believe that any vision of a next system that doesn’t ultimately resonate with those working on the ground for economic and racial justice in the communities most marginalized, exploited, and oppressed by the current one is not really getting at what really needs to be next. A big part of this is listening and learning, with humility and respect, to the voices of the people who have been fighting on the frontlines—here, we asked Kate Diedrick of Solidarity Research Center to talk with Atlanta-based community organizer “Mother” Mamie Moore about her trajectory as an activist and advocate for system change starting at the neighborhood level.

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Note: this article was written by a Research|Action member when she was with the Solidarity Research Center.